Tuesday, August 23, 2022

rubbish. the day.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yay.. another wasted year with no achievement whatsoever.. 33.. my lucky number.. will it bring lucks for the year ahead?

I just googled 'what to do on my birthday' and I am not really into the lists. I can't blame the writers, maybe it's just me getting older, such things don't spark my joy anymore. I don't even get excited thinking about having a massage day. I just want a right sleeping pattern that wakes up when the sun rises, not the other way around.. lol and I want a weightless thick hair, is that possible?

Lord, would You send my partner as a present for this year birthday? I would like to see him in person, I wonder who he is.. Or You can grant me this wish: I wanna be a stay-at-home dog mom with unlimited amount of money and a good metabolism so I can eat whatever I want without getting fat hahaha.. Or maybe.. Would You make Marvin wishes me? Haha... or maybe.. would You just make it rain all day? Or maybe... would You just grant me wisdom and knowledge like King Salomon, so I can be a better person, especially when dealing with my own thoughts? Ohh... turns out I have a lot of wishes lol

Ok, happy getting aging like a fine wine, pray for the wrinkles and the stiffness!
Love you, Ver!